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People trust someone when they

  • perceive the person as trustworthy, and
  • have a propensity to trust

Propensity to trust is a person’s innate tendency to trust others or not.  People vary in their propensity to trust and someone’s propensity to trust cannot be easily changed.

But people can learn behaviors and characteristics that lead others to perceive them as trustworthy.

Our research uncovered what leads healthcare team members to perceive one another as trustworthy. Our Trust Infusion® Methodology depicts the structure and underlying principles behind perceived trustworthiness on nursing units.

Building healthy practice environments has been and remains a top research priority among nurse leaders (Chipps et al., 2021). Nurse leaders need to focus on building psychological safety and trust as they strive to rebuild healthy practice environments in the aftermath of the pandemic (Sherman, 2022).

When team members perceive one another as trustworthy, they are more likely to experience psychological safety and trust each other. 

Take a look at how our Culture of Trust® Offerings can help you create psychological safety and a culture of trust.


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What Our Clients Are Saying:

“Lynn is a very bright and talented professional who quickly earned my respect for her passion and ideas. I strongly recommend Lynn to anyone looking for a consultant who can help improve team productivity and leadership development.” 

—Randy Hain, Partner, Bell Oaks






What Our Clients Are Saying:

“Jacqueline is one of those consultants that builds relationships with everyone she works with. Clients love her! Her knowledge and expertise are superb but her most valuable asset is her interpersonal skills and ability to communicate and interact with people at all levels in the organization and truly consult with them, give them unbiased advice, make recommendations, and help steer the course. Her honesty and integrity are beyond reproach.”

—Jacalyn Smeltzer, Ph.D. Manager, Axis Capital

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