Trust Infusion® Methodology


Nursing unit staff perceive one another as trustworthy when people:

  • manifest moral and ethical principles and just judgment
  • approach their work heartily

This is the foundation underlying the Trust Infusion® Methodology. 

When team members are treated fairly by others who manifest ethical and moral behavior and approach work heartily, they, in turn, treat others fairly, manifest moral and ethical characteristics and behaviors, and approach work heartily.  In this way, perceived trustworthiness can spread.

By building the wisdom and excellence components behind perceived team trustworthiness, nursing unit staff are more likely to trust one another.

The Trust Infusion® Methodology can guide nurse managers and leaders in knowing what principles to follow and outcomes to seek to build a culture of trust.

We take a top-down, role-modeling approach to building a culture of trust and use Implementation Science to maximize the likelihood Trust Infusion® will succeed.

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