Giving Back

We practice what we preach. Generosity—the quality of being willing to give and share—is one of the principles behind building effective relationships. In the spirit of generosity, 10% of our earnings go toward serving those less fortunate. So when you partner with us, you give back too.
Our volunteer work involves serving on ISP retreats for those who are homeless and in recovery. ISP retreats are designed to help people find meaning and purpose as they reclaim their lives, and to help build hope and transformation.
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98% of ISP retreatants agree or strongly agree that change is possible in their life and the world after attending a retreat.

“This retreat gave me a sense of hope in my life,” wrote one retreatant.

“You realize you’re not alone—as long as you keep your head up, you can get along with the help of God,” said another.
“I just feel free; I feel at peace with myself,” wrote a third.

And the testimonials go on.

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