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We know how to build cultures of trust.

Nurse Leaders

Nurse leaders want a bird’s eye view of which nursing units are most in need of building healthy practice environments. If trust between particular nursing units and other units or departments is low, nurse leaders want to know that as well.

Our Culture of Trust® offerings include various assessments to provide nurse leaders with data to identify areas most in need of attention.

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Nurse Managers

Nurse managers want evidence-based guidance regarding how to build healthy practice environments in the aftermath of COVID-19. They want to know which characteristics and behaviors are most in need of attention on their units and how to address these areas.

Our Culture of Trust® offerings provide nurse managers with the data and tools they need to build a healthy practice environment and increase engagement.

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Did You Know?

People trust someone when they 1) perceive the person as trustworthy, and 2) have a propensity to trust.

Propensity to trust is someone’s innate tendency to trust others or not, which is difficult to change. But people can learn behaviors and characteristics which lead others to perceive them as trustworthy. 

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