Culture of Trust® Offerings

Based on our proprietary Trust Infusion™ model, our Culture of Trust® offerings can help you build a sustainable culture of trust that impacts the things that matter—healthcare provider engagement; teamwork across disciplines, among nursing staff, and across departments; quality of care; patient outcomes; patient satisfaction; quality improvement efforts; reimbursement rates; turnover; financial performance; and more.


We have been on the frontline of healthcare for over 35 years. You won’t find the variety of expertise behind our thought leadership in any other firm. Our framework is comprehensive yet simple and practical.


With hospital reimbursement now being tied to value-based care, administrators must focus on the following in order to survive:

  • Quality of care
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Cost


The good news is—effective teamwork impacts all of the above. And at Trust Capital Institute®, we know how to create cultures of trust at the heart of effective teamwork.


Consulting. Our consulting services begin with benchmarking. The Perceived Trustworthiness Indicator™ provides a baseline measure of the research-based elements behind trust. A social network analysis identifies where trust is strong, weak, or absent between key departments and constituencies in your hospital. These baselines not only serve as reference points from which to gauge your progress, but provide the business intelligence you need to generate goals that add real value.


Unless trust issues are identified and addressed, other improvement efforts could be futile—and costly. A trust-based culture creates the solid foundation from which to springboard your quality improvement efforts. Forming a strong, healthy culture (“how” your organization works together) will enable your quality improvement efforts (“what” to improve) to flourish. Our expertise in the areas of strategy, Lean Six Sigma, quality improvement, change management, communications, and marketing can help you take your organization to the next level.


Training and Coaching. Investing in the development of healthcare providers, leaders, and administrators enables them to perform their best. We believe that true culture change takes place when leaders are effective role models. Our training and coaching begins at the top, then cascades throughout your hospital. We provide coaching for executives and teams, so everyone is equipped to succeed.


Based on research and years of experience with what works, our proprietary Trust Infusion™ model is comprehensive yet simple and practical. You won’t find the variety of disciplines behind our thought leadership in any other firm. To learn more about how your hospital can create a work environment that delivers value-based care, contact us.



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