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The Key to Building Top-Performing Teams

Recap how to build top-performing teams—through the lens of a key link. In the previous post, we talked about team identity and cohesion and how they not only lead to top performance but to a host of other positive attitudes and behaviors (e.g., engagement, innovation and commitment) that result in an even greater competitive advantage. […]

How Team Identity and Cohesion Improve Performance

Learn what team cohesion and team identity are and why they’re critical to top team performance and a competitive advantage.   Now that we’ve talked about how to build and repair trust, let’s take the discussion a step further. What are the remaining connections that lead to top team performance and a competitive advantage?   […]

Trust Infusion Model Overview

An overview of the key elements behind creating the environment and building the trust that leads to top-performing teams.   Research has shown that the human brain is at best only 10% functional. The same can be said for most companies. How much difference would it make to your bottom line if your teams could […]